Good news!

0.9 getdns release

Support for authentication using SPKI pinsets.

TCP Fast Open enabled by default if possible, support for MAC OS X TFO added. 

0.5.1 getdns release

Includes EDNS0 padding option and EDNS Client Subnet privacy option. Also improved reporting of transport and authentication status.

IETF 94 news

Another successful Hackathon for the DNS/DNSSEC team! EDNS0 Padding and EDNS0 ECS privacy options added to the code

DNS-over-TLS draft is also going through WGLC

The latest release of getdns includes an experimental implementation of TLS hostname based authentication

There were presentations at the OARC Fall workshop on both 'DNS Privacy Mechanisms' and 'Using TLS for DNS privacy in practice'

The latest release of getdns allows the user to specify an ordered list of transports from TLS, STARTTLS, TCP or UDP. It also supports configuration of the DNS-over-TCP idle timeout for a paramter

IETF 93 Hackathon

Working on TLS authentication in getdns!

The latest release includes and implementation of STARTTLS

getdns 0.1.8 supports TLS

See the latest release at

Updated patches published

Latest patches available in the DNS-over-TLS git repository

IETF 92 presentation

A demo of TLS and STARTTLS in getdns was given at Bits'n'Bytes IETF 92 in Dallas.