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Patches are available here:


STARTTLS is DNS is no longer described in any active draft, but is still available in these patches.

TFO patches

Various TFO patches are provided - please see the TFO patch repository.

LDNS:  ldns.1.6.17_dns-over-tls.patch


  • Add support for DNS-over-TLS (experimental) to Unbound as a server and a client. 
    • Adds new configuration file options:
      • 'do-starttls:             yes/no'                   # enable STARTTLS for downstream queries
      • 'starttls-upsteam' : yes/no                    # enable STARTTLS for upstream queries
      • 'starttls-delay':       number of second  # time to cache the STARTTLS capability of an upstream server before retrying a  STARTTLS negotiation
    • Adds option to use the TO bit for STARTTLS downstream. Enable with --enable-TObit configure option.
    • Adds new statistics counters: SSL queries, EDNS_TO queries and STARTTLS queries
  • Initial attempt to change behaviour of writes over SSL so that the DNS message is sent in a single packet when possible. (Previous behaviour was to send the length and message content separately.) Should be improved to avoid malloc on each write.
  • Fix libunbound to support SSL by initiallising the SSL library.
  • Adds experimental client and server support for TCP Fast open (linux only). Enable with --enable-tcp-fastopen configure option.


  1. apply patch
  2. run 'autoreconf --force'
  3. optionally specify the --enable-tcp-fastopen  and/or --enable-TObit flags and when running 'configure'
  4. make, make install