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Relevant Internet Drafts and RFCs

* At least one author associated with this project


RFC7626DNS Privacy Considerations

This document describes the privacy issues associated with the use of the DNS by Internet users. It is intended to be an analysis of the present situation and does not prescribe solutions.

draft-ietf-dprive-dns-over-tlsSpecification for DNS over TLS*

This document describes the use of TLS to provide privacy for DNS.

draft-ietf-dprive-dtls-and-tls-profilesAuthentication and (D)TLS Profile for DNS-over-TLS and
This document describes how a DNS client can use a domain name
to authenticate a DNS server that uses Transport Layer Security
(TLS) and Datagram TLS (DTLS). Additionally, it defines (D)TLS
profiles for DNS clients and servers implementing DNS-over-TLS
and DNS-over- DTL