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getdns is currently the most feature rich client for DNS-over-TCP and DNS-over-TLS features. See the DNS Privacy daemon - Stubby web page for how to use it as a local DNS Privacy stub resolver.


  • Website: https://getdnsapi.net/
    • getdns supports multiple features related to DNS privacy including persistent connections, strict and opportunistic privacy profiles and TLS authentication by hostname of SPKI pinset
  • API spec: https://getdnsapi.net/spec.html
  • Source:  https://github.com/getdnsapi/getdns
    • See the first few sections on the DNS Privacy daemon - Stubby page for instructions on how to install and build getdns as a local stub resolver with TLS support from source.
  • API: Use the api directly via C or any of the available language bindings (Python, Java, nodejs, PHP)
  • getdns_query: Use API directly, or use with the wrapper script getdns_query (run 'make getdns_query' then getdns_query is found in the test directory):
    • getdns_query @<serverIP> -s -a -A -l T  (Pipelined TCP queries)
    • getdns_query @<serverIP> -s -a -A -l L   (Pipelined TLS queries)
    • getdns_query @<serverIP> -s -a -A -l LT  (Pipelined TLS queries with fallback to TCP)
    • getdns_query @<serverIP>~<hostname> -s -a -A -l L -m (Pipelined TLS queries in strict mode using server hostname for authentication)
  • Daemon mode: see the DNS Privacy daemon - Stubby page

LDNS (drill) 1.6.17

  • Source: ldns 1.6.17 source code available from this link to NLNet Labs: ldns-1.6.7
  • Patch: Grab and apply the patch to ldns-1.6.17 from out git repository. Also see the notes here.
  • Query: To query this with drill use: (the IP address is used here simply to stop the server name resolution falling back to TCP because your local resolver doesn't support DNS-over-TLS).

    • drill -t             @<serverIP>  <query name>    (to see TCP query)

    • drill -l -p1021 @<serverIP>  <query name>    (to see TLS query)

    • drill -C           @<serverIP>  <query name   (to see STARTTLS query)

    • drill -C -D      @<serverIP>  <query name>    (to do a DNSSEC lookup using STARTTLS)

Digit 1.4

  • Source: Grab the digit client DNS-over-TLS tool from the ISI website:
  • Query: Build digit with openssl:

    • create a file called queries containing a query name

    •  ./digit -f queries -r <serverIP> -V -t tcp     (to see TCP query)

    •  ./digit -f queries -r <serverIP> -V -t ssl      (to see DNS-over-TLS query) 


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