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Version 0.x Development Phases

  1. DNSCCM CLI can be used to issue a ‘get’ command for the NSCP data, execute a ‘stop’ remote procedure call, and output the results from a NSD3 demonized agent using a trivial NSCP data model.
  2. DNSCCM CLI can be used to issue a ‘get’ command for the NSCP data, execute a ‘stop’ remote procedure call, and output the results from (a) A BIND 9 demonized agent. (b) An Unbound/NSD 4 demonized agent. BIND 10 and PowerDNS agents will also be prototyped.
  3. Design and requirements documents agreed. Updated NSCP draft published to DNSOPS WG and also sent to NETMOD WG for review. Automated builds and test working and Phase 1 and 2 tests running successfully on test environment.
  4. Simple prototypes of agents for other nameservers e.g.NSD 4 and PowerDNS 2.9.22.
  5. Use DNSCCM CLI to reload a zone, restart the server and retrieve statistics for NSD 3 and BIND 9.
  6. DNSCCM CLI can be used to control, configure and monitor NSD 3 and BIND 9.
  7. Product review and feedback. 

Version 1.0 Features

  • A DNSCCM Control CLI to be used to establish a connection to and issue commands to a nameserver.
  • A NSCP library with a published API. The Version 1.0 NSCP data model will support an authoritative DNSSEC enabled nameserver.
  • A NETCONF transport layer using SSH.
  • ‘Agent’ software for NSD 3 and BIND 9 that will run locally to the nameserver as a demon. The agent will receive NSCP/NETCONF commands and interface with the nameserver instance.

Version 1.x Features

  • A proof of concept implementation of a vendor extension to support a feature for BIND 9 not described by Version 1.0 of the NSCP data model.
  • Implementations of BIND 10 and NSD 4 agents.
  • Improved user configuration (e.g. custom implementation of RPC calls)
  • Support for import of zone files from URLs.
  • Support for dynamic updates (requires 'Features' implementation in YUMA)
  • Support for multiple views (requires 'Features' implementation in YUMA)\
  • Support for DNSSEC (requires 'Features' implementation in YUMA)
  • May include an implementation of an agent to control OpenDNSSEC. This will be required for those nameservers that do not directly implement automatic DNSSEC or for operators that choose to use OpenDNSSEC as the signer.

Version 2.0 Features

  • Group control of nameservers via the CLI
  • A control GUI - probably a web front end. 

Version 3.0 Features

  • An extended NSCP data model with support for resolvers.
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