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Iteration 10 (7th May - 25th May)


  • Beta release
    • All functionality completed
    • All major bugs fixed
    • Further updates to user manual
    • Updates to website
  • NSCP draft ready for review
  • User Forums created
  • Doxygen deployed
  • Further deployment testing
  • Release of V1.0 

Iteration 9 (14th April - 4th May)


  • Formalise alpha release
  • Several blocking YUMA issue resolved
  • Complete support for Autotools deployment
  • Completed first version user manual
  • Tested deployment procedures

Iteration 8 (30th Jan-17th Feb 2012)


  • Move prototype code to trunk and develop deployment process
  • Develop more system tests
  • Finish switch to Yuma V2
  • Start on documentation (user and technical)
  • Document remaining functionality to implement (several minor features)

Iteration 7 (2nd-20th Jan 2012)


  • Migration of test server
  • Major refactor of prototype code to work towards production quality code. Decouple implementation from Yuma tools framework as much as possible
  • Review of data model and update following demo and comments.
  • Update to latest data model
  • Started migration to Yuma tools V2 but stalled by a minor bug - awaiting fix
  • Started writing article for Ripe Labs on DNSCCM

Iteration 6 (19th Sep - 7th Oct 2011)


  • Implemented full export of current data mode for NSD3 and BIND 9 including rpc calls
  • Concentrated on reaching functionality required for demo at RIPE meeting. As a result the code still in prototype branch - not yet production quality.
  • More work on autotools branch of Yuma tools
  • Considerable time spent understanding Yuma tools dynamics of node updates. A number of issues were uncovered.
  • Investigation of Yuma tools support for features. This is not supported for SIL code yet. Initiated discussions with AB on implementing features in SIL code as this is a major issue for DNSCCM.

Iteration 5 (29th Aug - 16th Sep 2011)


  • Full review and test (code generation and model population) of YANG data model. DNSSEC section postponed.
  • Investigate moving ns config file export logic from code to a style sheet - decided better for it to remain in code.
  • Use autotools for building the DNSCCM (and Yuma tools) code. Provided tar ball to Yuma tools author.
  • Extend test environment to cover linux (only FreeBSD at present). Mostly done but issue with local client-server connections found.

Iteration 4 (8th Aug - 26th Aug 2011)


  • Completed BIND 9 prototype.
  • Completed PowerDNS prototype.
  • Migrate to head of Yuma tools V1 (r1293) and developed script to automate parts of update
  • Code published with working system tests for all 3 nameservers.

Milestone 2 reached

  • Investigation work on BIND10 as control channel prototype.
  • Review work in progress on data configuration and Full YANG data model
  • Yuma tools: major bug discovered and reported.

Iteration 3 (11th July - 29th July 2011)


  • Extended test environment to include other nameservers.
  • Investigated lastest Yuma tools branch but decided to continue developing on V1 as more stable.
  • Full Yang NSCP data model progressed.
  • Design work on DNSCCM server code agent framework.
  • Prototype code migrated to C++ and data model extended slightly for better ns control.
  • Started on prototype of BIND 9 agent.
  • Some investigation of control channel prototype

Iteration 2 (20th June - 8th July 2011)


  • Providing patches and working with Yuma tools author on many enhancements:
  • patch to support FreeBSD
  • patch to support ssh keys
  • security enhancements to Yuma tools code
  • autotools support
  • Developed DNSCCMCLI (based entirely on Yangcli) to provide minor enhancements to make CLI more DNSCCM specific
  • Test environment extended and scripts provided to install and build Yuma tools, install and build DNSCCM prototypes code and run system test of current functionality (start, 'get' and stop for nsd 3 nameserver)
  • Code for DNSCCM Yang model and server library, DNSCCMCLI and automated testing published into repository into /branches/prototypes
  • [Less progress than expected due to underestimate of CLI work, demands of other projects and staff illness]

Iteration 1 (30th May - 17th June 2011)


  • Project website created and basic content added
  • Development of full DNSCCM Yang data model underway
  • Installation of virtual FreeBSD and Linux test machines with configuration managed completely via puppet
  • Automated continuos integration environment using Hudson in place
  • Yuma tools 1.15-1 installed and running on FreeBSD test server. Realised that a patch is required for Yuma tools to work on FreeBSD which is being produced.
  • Prototype NSD3 DSNCCM agent written in C within Yuma tools framework.
  • Code is basic, no error handling or logging etc.
  • Trivial data model used which only supports control of listen-on address and reporting of nameserver type and configuration file location
  • Trivial functionality implemented - nameserver can be launched using configuration defined in the data model and also stopped via a rpc cal
  • Note - all testing is done manually at this stage
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