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Quick start

The user manual is available to download: DNSCCM User Manual

This provided an overview of DNSCCM and NETCONF and YUMA Tools as well ad detailed instruction on installing, configuring and running DNSCCM.

A brief overview of installing and running DNSCCM is as follows:

On the server which will host your nameserver instance:

  • install YUMA Tools
  • configure ssh to include the netconf-subsystem
  • install DNSCCM
  • configure DNSCCM by editing the dnsccm.conf file, the YUMA startup configuration and the nameserver include files
  • launch the YUMA Tools NETCONF server (netconfd)

On a client machine:

  • install YUMA Tools
  • connect to the server via a NETCONF session (running over ssh) by launching the YUMA Tools NETCONF client (yangcli)
  • use yangcli to
    • display the current configuration
    • edit the configuration and commit changes
    • control the nameserver via RPC calls e.g. start-server, stop-server
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