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In 2007 the IETF working group determined there was a need for standardized management of nameservers for DNS and in 2011 the requirements draft addressing this was accepted as RFC6168. An IETF draft is in development which proposes a Nameserver Control Protocol (NSCP) to meet these requirements - the latest version is draft-dickinson-dnsop-nameserver-control-02.txt which describes a data model for a DNSSEC enabled authoritative nameserver. 


A proposal was made by Sinodun to NLNet Foundation in April 2011 to fund development of an implementation of NSCP, which was successful. This implementation will be called DNSCCM (DNS Configuration, Control and Monitoring). The primary focus of the work is to develop an implementation of NSCP for current releases of BIND and NSD, the most widely used open source authoritative nameservers. Following presentations and feedback at SATIN, UKNOF, CENTR and RIPE meetings in early 2011 a project plan to develop Version 1.0 of DNSCCM has been agreed.


DNSCCM will implement a NSCP data model in YANG which will use a NETCONF transport layer over ssh.


Development of Version 1.0 is now underway. The code will be written in C++, DNSCCM will initially be supported on FreeBSD and Centos, and will implement adaptors for NSD 3 and BIND 9.


The DNSOPS WG is the main forum for discussion of the details of NSCP.

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