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DNS Configuration, Control and Monitoring

DNSCCM (DNS Configuration, Control and Monitoring) is a tool aimed at providing a standardized management interface for DNS nameservers. It will implement NSCP (Nameserver Control Protocol) which is currently being developed as an IETF draft. DNSCCM will be open source and will be released under a BSD license.

DNSCCM is being developed by Sinodun Internet Technologies Ltd with the generous support of a small project award from NLNet Foundation.

For further information on the project contact either John ( or Sara ( Dickinson.

Internet Draft

The NSCP Internet draft can be found here:

Latest release

The Beta release of DNSCCM is now available. 

Product features

See the product roadmap for more detailed information.


Development plans, progress reports and project reviews will be available on the Project Management page

Getting started

Read the Quick start guide for an overview of how to get up and running with DNSCCM.


DNSCCM User Manual

Source code

The source code is available to browse via bitbucket


Bugs and feature requests

Browse our current issues here

Create a new issue here

Mailing lists

Under construction...

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